Eddie and I have come a long way from the days of the notorious punks in Maseru in the mid-eighties. We were both punks and he was a biker on a small scrambler. We also featured in the American Ninja IV together as Sulphur Springs punks’ extras back in 1989.

By Silas Monyatsi

Eddie was always ahead of us in many things talent wise. He used to be a great biker and he would scoop all beautiful dames whilst we shrunk in fear.

Eddie joined the most feared diamond smuggling business from a very tender age and he endured the swindling, chicanery and cunning nuances that come with this business. We all know it is a dangerous business where death lingers by the thread of a cliff.

Eddie managed to manoeuvre and navigate up until he became a legal practioner in diamond dealing business and he soared to higher skies to become a diamond mogul. He was one of a kind. He turned an elusive yearning of acquiring money into reality. He had cash in colt solidity. He manipulated all the imaginative usage of money that a man can dream of.

Like King Solomon, Eddie mingled with women and girls for amusement and ecstasy marred with saturated fantasy. He became a genie for many girls and he would safe a day for them.

Eddie was so loyal to his delight of Johnny Walker branded whiskey with Gold Label being his most preferred. We have shared many great moments with this guy.

Only that I left that life to convert into being God serving man and Eddie used to encourage me on that and he used to love when I sing for the Lord at the funerals of friends, especially Khotso Mokebe’s funeral to be particular.

Eddie never went to church and I used to wonder whether he would burn in hell according to my made up Christian doctrine and belief. I would even forget there’s God to judge us, but honestly I never really judged Eddie, but just used to wonder because in fair reality I used to admire his life to some certain degree.

Eddie loved Sport Cars and he had every expensive car a man would dream of.

Eddie loved Sport Cars and he had every expensive car a man would dream of. Eddie was something like a lie yet he was for real. He used to pester me to cover his lifestyle on camera and I would go around in circles on notion that he won’t pay me and he would embarrass me in front of his girls by pushing me around and shouting at me and ultimately refusing to pay me well.

The other time he offered me M1,500 whilst I had asked for M10,000 for a video coverage of his charity event when he was bestowing a philanthropic gesture of giving food and grocery hampers to orphaned children in Thaba-Bosiu. I managed to make him settle on M2,000 and I took it as I was so broke that Christmas. I still have the video even up to date… I will still do a film on him even post his departure. I still owe it to him.

Go well Lekoko mei autie. You were a miracle. You were a dream. NW

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  1. Well said, RIP soldier, you will forever be remembered for gestures of charity you bestowed.

  2. Rest In Peace

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