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A well-known diamond dealer and socialite Eddie Poone will be buried on Saturday August 31, in Lesotho according to The Diamond Fields Advertiser (DFA), a daily newspaper published in Kimberley, South Africa.

DFA also reported that a memorial service will be held for Poone, 45, on Wednesday, August 28, at the St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Dutoitspan Road, Kimberley, at 5:30 pm.

He died in Johannesburg on Thursday night following what is believed to have been a severe allergic reaction while eating seafood at a restaurant in Sandton. 

He was reportedly married to a Kimberley businesswoman and diamond dealer, Antonella Florio-Poone.

“When I arrived at the hospital, after travelling to Johannesburg last night, I shook his body and told him to wake up – I could not believe that he was dead. He was smiling and looked so peaceful, like he was sleeping,” Florio-Poone told DAF.

She confirmed that her husband was allergic to shellfish and that it is believed he unknowingly ingested a dish containing shellfish.

“According to friends who were with him at the time, Eddie had an allergic reaction and was rushed to hospital as a result. Medical personnel tried to resuscitate him but didn’t manage to save him,” she said.

She said Poone will be remembered as an absolute selfless, humble man, who gave hope and help to many.

His death has captured the imagination of people from Lesotho and South Africa, with the death becoming one of the biggest conversations on social media platforms and some humans still found a way to be awful.

Social media platforms like Facebook were in high frenzy with beautiful posts, idiot posts, disgusting posts, insulting posts and dump posts. NW

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