By Nkejane Lethoba

Movement for Economic Change (MECYL) has watched in horror as the 4×4 government continue to destroy Lesotho’s education system, one teacher and one student at a time. 

It is worth mentioning that, for several months now, the government has completely failed the students, teachers and parents by their unwillingness to resolve the problems brought to light during the teachers’ strike, problems which the government has admitted to. 

It is quite shocking that the government has resolved to not pay certain teachers instead of fixing the problem that led to the strike in the first place. 

In the classic 4×4 government approach of cowardice and tyranny, the government has selectively applied the no work-no pay doctrine to teachers affiliated to unions in a clear attempt to scare teachers and unions into submission, while totally refusing to resolve the issues raised by teachers.

It is very infuriating and appalling that contrary to the claims of government, even those teachers that have been going to work, have not been paid, making the application of the above mentioned doctrine of no work no pay unfair and unlawful. 

We should also point out that these are not the first workers to go on strike, yet all other workers like the police and members of the National Secret Service (NSS) were never subjected to no work-no pay.

The application of the said doctrine is a clear abuse of power by a government that does not value education nor the future of our children.

MECYL appeals to the teachers to remain focused on their course and resist all efforts by the 4×4 government to divide them. 

MECYL lastly condemns the abusive and tyrannical actions of the 4×4 government and appeals to all sections of the society to do so in a loud, resounding voice of solidarity, for the sake of the keepers of our children’s future.

In an effort to show our unwavering support to the teachers’ cause, MECYL shall engage members of parliament on this matter, to hold the government accountable for this irresponsible and cruel act. NW

Nkejane Lethoba is the Secretary General of the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) Youth League (MECYL).

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