Emerging Lesotho rapper and record producer Malome Vector has cut a major breakthrough deal in South Africa.

By Staff Writers

Maseru, Nov 11 (The Night’s Watch) – Malome Vector is now destined for big things after securing a deal with the lucrative South Africa label Ambitiouz Entertainment, joining an impressive list of notable acts including Sjava, La Sauce, Londie London, Miss Pru DJ and Kraizie, among others.

The virtuoso producer has recorded a number of hits; they include Khosi, Ichu, Nobody and Motho waka.

The major label deal is pretty incredible for an artist born in a country in which lack of opportunities has left the majority of young men and women stuck in vulnerable and informal employment.

Also, hip-hop in Lesotho faces the same problems all music faces – how do you reach as wide an audience as possible?

Record labels have more sway, more contacts, and therefore can offer their artists more opportunity.

Ambitiouz Entertainment is owned and founded by Khosi Mahumapelo, a brother to the South African politician, Supra Mahumapelo.

The label claims to pride itself on being “a youthful and forward thinking artist management and record company that molds and guides artists into reaching their full potential and desired success”.

They stated on their website that with 10 magazine covers and two entries onto the Billboard charts, it has marked its name in golden words by garnering three international BET award nomination and making history by being the first in South African hip hop culture to bring home a BET award.

The record label was founded in 2015 boasting of three unknown acts, namely Emtee, Fifi Cooper and B3nchMarq. In just a few months, these acts were considered some of the biggest names in the South African music industry.

However, the record label went under much scrutiny after artists Fifi Cooper, B3nchMarq, A-Reece and Flame left the label in a very public and ugly fight.

They claimed that they decided to part ways with the record label due to financial disagreements.

Fifi Cooper even claimed that she had been signed for over two years to the label yet he had not received a single cent from her gigs as well as royalties.

Last year, their biggest act at the time, Amanda Black announced that she would be parting ways with the record label.

She later sued the label for over 1 million that was allegedly owed to her for unpaid gigs, which she reportedly won.

Following Amanda Black’s exit were Emtee, Priddy Ugly, Gigi Lamayne, DJ Citi Lyts and NEO. NW

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