Tito Mboweni has a few radical ideas, but this might top the lot. South Africa’s finance minister wants Lesotho to be SA’s ‘tenth province’.

Jan 14 (The South African) – He’s not been back on Twitter for very long, but Finance Minister Tito Mboweni knows how to whip-up a viral storm. The senior African National Congress (ANC) politician took to social media on Sunday evening, and he came equipped with an earnest suggestion about solving Lesotho’s political woes – by making the country merge with South Africa.

His bold idea has drawn both praise and criticism, with citizens of both countries discussing the pros and cons of the proposal online. Lesotho remained a trending topic on Monday morning, and Minister Mboweni seems to have given locals plenty of food for thought.

Lesotho news: Prime Minister’s wife murder mystery causes chaos

Our neighbours are currently experiencing a scandal that’d be thrown out of Hollywood for being too salacious. Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and the First Lady of Lesotho are both accused of being involved in the murder of the former’s second wife. The country’s police chief was suspended after finding evidence which tied the leader to the crime scene through his cell phone records.

Opposition parties are demanding that this wretched development is solved by a general election – which would be Lesotho’s fourth in the last seven years.

Tito Mboweni suggests “removing the border” with South Africa

Posting on his account, Tito Mboweni explained that the political situation in the Kingdom of Mountains has become too volatile for any international body to try and solve. He wants the border between SA and Lesotho – which covers the provinces of KZN, Free State and Eastern Cape – to be removed completely:

“Those who think that SADC or some political internal goodwill will solve this crisis don’t understand both the political economy of the Lesotho State or the political economy of Lesotho society. The solution is [to create] Southern Africa: Remove the border! Anybody who thinks that they’ll annex Lesotho should talk to me.”

“We, BaSotho will never countenance such thing. Mutually agree to remove borders and create a democratic Co-Federation. Yes. Me, on the side of BaSotho. Most of the key people involved here in these developments were either comrades or adversaries or classmates at the National University of Lesotho in the 1980s.”

Tito Mboweni NW

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  1. Your Comment…I agree 100% that Lesotho has to be 10th province of South Africa ,, what the major debate to refuse the suggestion??
    normally more than 60% of Basotho are migrated to SA in search of Jobs because Lesotho its self can’t afford to accommodate 1.2 million people by fulfilling their needs!! there is no use for us to say we are country bcz still we are suffering and we are dependent to SA hence Honourable minister your 100% correct Lesotho has to be 10th Province of SA.

    • It is a good idea to incorporate Swazini, Lesotho, Botswana. Malawi and Mozambique.These countries problems become South African problem. They rely in South Africa for any help and intervention.

    • Hold your horses please. Lesotho shall remain country for Basotho.

  2. Hold on, take a deep breath. Lesotho’s problems will be solved by God not by making Lesotho a tenth province of South Africa. Instead, we’d rather demand our land back.

    • Ecclesiastes 10:8 New Living Translation (NLT)
      8 When you dig a well,
      you might fall in.
      When you demolish an old wall,
      you could be bitten by a snake.

      Ecclesiastes 10:8 The Message (MSG)
      8 Caution: The trap you set might catch you.
      Warning: Your accomplice in crime might double-cross you.

      I am in totally agreement. Every nation has an identity and destiny.

  3. Amen to that…. am Mosotho from Lesotho but now Lesotho ke mantlwaneng whn it comes to politics and economy

  4. Democratic federation makes total sense. I mean just going inside the Lesotho border is mere depression its self. Look at the struggle that the Basotho people have to go through to simply go over the border into South Africa! They are given mandates of 30 days to come back, most of which is this is not done, they are charged ridiculous amounts of which they can barely afford thus contributing to being banned for survival in South African little job offers.The bigger question is if the rightful citizens are not benefiting, the who does? Remove the borders, make everyone happy, its a win win because despite our little to offer to South Africa, we contribute immensely, natural resource wise and on techical know-how ,having one of the highest literacy rate in the world. Talk about Basotho elites who changed their citizenship status to offer some of the best available services in South Africa all in the name of better pay.For me that what Africanism means and the best way of being Africa as one. This is my view, share yours too.

  5. I won’t say much Tito, but we are not yet ready to burn our schools when looking for service delivery, not yet ready to let the kids rule parents, not yet ready to let students turn teachers into suicidal playing toys…we have our problems I agree but we didn’t turn South Africa into the eleventh province when it had its troubles…
    It’s true you want to turn our beloved kingdom into a water tank that gives you water for free with that crazy treaty…
    But just like you, we will turn a corner, get good leaders only then will we get our land back and stop giving you that water I mean stop, maybe then you start respecting other countries.

  6. Im with these suggestion 100%
    A huge percent of Basotho are out in South Africa seeking jobs and these is just because our country itself can’t provide any jobs.
    With the chaos in hand now facing Basotho and the country itself these is the best suggestion ever brought about.
    We need to be South Africa’s 10th province and these dynamic problems will all go away!
    There’ll be work for Basotho
    There’ll be free will in industrializing the Lesotho’s youth talent since the government of Lesotho seem to not see any use of it.
    These will also increase Lesotho’s tourism as there’ll be more advanced ways to put all its attractions at view through out the world.
    A lot of Basotho may disagree but these are all facts and if these isn’t taken into consideration, Lesotho will never ever reach other state nation levels and poverty, unemployed will overwhelm the whole country with disgrace and there’ll be no forseable future if it stands on its own.

  7. What are we waiting for ? Because borders can be erased as soon as tomorow…..

  8. I think not only Lesotho South Africa should consider Zimbabwe as well as the 12th Province, that should be a matter of discussion and dialogue between the 3 governments, ie South African Government, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, it will be a win win situation for all the countries. ..with Zim we get mineral resources and Lesotho water, no stress let the dialogue begin.

  9. Yes, Tito I agree with you. Lesotho is being ruled by people who have dual citizenship(both SA NAD Les) we are ruled by people who don’t have LOVE for their country. They are all corrupt. If and only if South Africa promises to give us Jobs to survive. We have so many graduates in Lesotho who turn in to criminals due to high unemployment rate. Again SA re-check your education system. Your Students are out of their way. They do not value education,they do not respect their teachers. Work on that situation and come back to us. We will think otherwise!

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