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The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) Students Representative Council (SRC) has been suspended for the rest of the academic year for allegedly misappropriating students’ funds and hosting Mr and Miss Limkokwing without management’s consent.

The university has also threatened to withhold all SRC members’ academic results for the current semester until they have collectively accounted for the embezzled funds.
Members of the SCR are president Thabo Lebusetsa, vice president ‘Mampiko Machachamise, secretary general Ntsane Moahloli, vice secretary Fantene Moseli and treasurer Patrick Rangoajane.

“Following unabated acts of mischief, noncompliance and utter contempt of the University structures by the SRC, be informed that in its sitting of June 4, the University Management has resolved to suspend operations of SRC, with immediate effect,” the university’s registrar Moroka Hoohlo said in a letter to the SRC on Wednesday.
Hoohlo stated that hosting of Mr and Miss Limkokwing in May this year, was one of a few illustrations of the SRC’s “mischief which cannot be allowed to continue unabated under the authority of management”.

“Hosting Mr and Miss Limkokwing in direct violation of the instruction from management and thereby staging an unsanctioned and uninsured event thereby placing the entire Student Union and the University at risk (sic),” he said.
According to the registrar, the university has started receiving complaints “relating to this unsanctioned event owing to your noncompliance and thus putting the university name in disrepute”.

He said management took the decision to suspend SRC in realisation of its vested powers geared towards protection of the student union, structure of the university and maintenance of “regulatory and authority within the university”.
Secretary general Moahloli confirmed the suspension.
“We are sorry to announce that, earlier today we received a letter from management indicating that we (SRC members) are suspended from office until further notice,” Moahloli said in a memo to students on Thursday.

He added that: “Therefore, the office will not be working until management has elected an interim SRC. Full details regarding the suspension are to follow.”
Hoohlo further accused the SRC of collecting funds under false pretence that such monies shall be for prices to be won in a soccer tournament.

“However, and despite students contributing to sponsor this tournament, you misappropriated such funds and to the prejudice of the students as well as their participating teams which got nothing as prices amongst others (sic),” he said.
The SRC is also accused of failure to “honour service provider agreement with students you engaged as service providers in your events under the name of the university” while such were never approved by the university.

“This kind of behaviour and abuse of power by a collective organ which supposed to protect interests of the Student Union shall not be tolerated and has no place within the university,” Hoohlo wrote.
He added that: “Please note therefore that along with suspension of your operations as the SRC as above mentioned, your collective academic results for the current semester shall further be blocked/withheld until you have at least collectively regularised these pending commitments or repayments to the internal university stakeholders.”

He concluded his letter by stating that: “Your conduct has not only brought shame but huge disappointment and until you reimburse all the monies collected from the SU and settle all your internal commitments, this suspension shall persist and arrangements shall be made for appointment of an interim SRC.” NW

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