White Sheep has announced that it purchased 9.7 hectares of prime real estate at Masianokeng, along a road to Mafeteng just outside the capital city of Maseru, where it is constructing a 300,000 sq. ft. cannabis production facility to grow medical marijuana and process it into high concentration oils.

On Tuesday the company said it had broken ground on its cannabis facility.

White Sheep is an international cannabis company that is building the largest global footprint of low-cost, high-quality cGMP cannabinoid production capacity in the industry.

It is focused on building compliant facilities in low-cost global jurisdictions where infrastructure (mechanical, power, water, and labour) is inexpensive and readily available.

The facility at Masianokeng is a GACP and EU-GMP certified, steel-paneled greenhouse that is optimal for prime growing conditions and increased security and will feature hydroponics and a customized heating and cooling system to deliver quality crops.

The company said it was pushing to complete the first part of Phase One (approximately 100,000 sq.ft.) in quarter four of 2019, which would generate cannabis crops in quarter one of 2020.

Once the 300,000 sq ft is fully operational, the facility is projected to produce approximately 58,200 kgs of cannabis per year.

White Sheep’s vision is to expand the facility to 1,000,000 sq. ft once commercial production is achieved.

“White Sheep is very excited to break ground and see the quick progress underway on our land in Lesotho as we execute our vision to become a global leader in low-cost cannabis production,” Hamish Sutherland, Founder and Co-CEO of White Sheep said.

“Our excellent Team Africa leaders have been active for the past eight months, purchasing the land, preparing the infrastructure, approving the blueprints, and choosing suppliers for this project.

“Our prior experience designing, building and operating cGMP/ISO certified facilities establishes the right ingredients and the right market conditions to be generating revenue in 2020,” added Sutherland.

“Having executed one export of medical cannabis already to Canada, Lesotho is poised to become one of the early global cannabinoid providers. White Sheep is one of the first movers in this new market and plans to become the preferred supplier and brand of choice,” he further said.

In its statement, White Sheep indicated that its global analysis guided the company to southern Africa, specifically Lesotho, because “it is known for benevolent mountainous conditions that are ideally suited for controlled greenhouse operations such as ours: high altitude, low humidity, and sunny climate”.

The statement said Lesotho “is a politically stable constitutional monarchy led by a pro-medical cannabis government” with favourable corporate tax rates.

The statement read: “There is a stable and experienced work force that is already accustomed to adhering to cGMP standards in the fabric and textile industry (which exports significant quantities to global brands such as Levi’s) and the diamond mining industry (led by Gem Diamonds Letšeng mine).

“White Sheep purchased property that has power, water, mechanical infrastructure, and immediate access to qualified labour to produce high quality medical cannabis and derivatives for global export markets.

“There is a river on the property and the government installed a well, so there is constant access to clean, fresh mountain water which is untainted by pesticides. The facility is located beside a road and just 500 metres from an electrical switching station (220kv / 60 kva).”

White Sheep secured a vertically integrated license to cultivate, manufacture (extract, process and produce end products), distribute, securely store, domestically transport, and export cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal purposes from Lesotho.

Lesotho is reportedly the first African nation to legalize the commercial cultivation of medical cannabis. NW

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