Younus Vohra, a 51-year-old Indian business in Lesotho, was shot dead by an unidentified person on June 20.

By The Times of India

According to Salman Vohra, his son, Younus was at his shop when four unidentified persons assaulted him and one of them shot him dead. The attackers looted the shop and broke the CCTV cameras, according to Salman.

Younus was waiting for a friend to pick him up when the assailants broke into the shop.

“I last spoke to my father on June 17 and everything seemed normal. We recently became parents to a baby girl and my father promised to come and visit us in about a year’s time,” he said.

The family are from Thasra and they migrated to Ahmedabad – the largest city in the state of Gujarat in Western India – eight years ago.

Vohra worked at a supermarket in Ahmedabad before he left for South Africa nine years ago, where he opened his own shop in partnership with a friend. After moving to South Africa, he visited his family in Ahmedabad twice.

The last time he visited was ten months ago, for his son’s wedding.

“As nobody from the family could immediately travel to South Africa, his last rites were carried out by members of the Indian community in Lesotho. The sad news of my father’s death has shaken us completely and we are yet to come to terms with the fact that he is no more,” said Salman.

He said that there are a lot of procedural hurdles in getting the body to India hence they gave permission for his burial in South Africa.

Salman lives in Jamalpur with his mother, wife and 20-month old daughter. Jamalpur is a town in the Indian state of Bihar. It is situated 8 kilometres from Munger city centre. NW

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