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Maseru, Jan 15 (The Night’s Watch) Ntate Stunna’s fans say he is on fire.

The rapper last week released an extended play record, often referred to as an EP, “#SesothoFashioneng, and fans have mixed feelings about it.

Stunna, also known as Megahertz, was expected to drop an album but he announced on his Facebook page a few hours before launching the EP that the album will be delayed.

“But don’t worry, I decided to drop either an EP/Mixtape tonight…!! It’s rough out here when you are an independent artist… until we find a home… keep supporting the boy…,” he said on January 10.

EP is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album.

He announced the EP on social media.

Tsa Moshoeshoe li ka mpaka

Ke ts’oere lifela ke kheleke, verse li staka

Ke ronngoe ke tsa eso ba itse ke tle le moqhaka

Ke phatsuoe ke ngaka tse thata, ‘mele o tletse litlhaka

Hlasela Jericho haeso ha hona tjakò

Koriana ha e lla tjena ekare e tla liea marako

Skaba ema tseleng ea monna a khannoang ke lephako

Ke rupetsoe ke monna thata Ntate ntota Sefako…,”

Ntate Stunna raps in a song titled Ke Thata

Following the EP’s release, many fans took to social media to share their reviews.

It seems that an overwhelming number of fans think the Ep is a smash.

Some claimed it wasn’t as great as they had anticipated.

Others suggested it solidifies Ntate Stunna’s place on top in the Lesotho’s feeble hip hip industry.

#SesothoFashioneng is now available for free download here.

Check out the fans reactions below.

Baholo Maile on Facebook

Lea nya: This EP is sh*. Mega Hertz just needs to still stick to being featured. Basotho ebang honest ka feedback haik. This is the most confused EP ever; sometimes he sounds like the old Lefate group, neng neng e ka ke Juvy Oa Lepimpara. I heard him Rap like Bootz Ramoseeli

Tracks are little offish and the whole thinggie sounds rushed. On the cover u bona koriana, one would think maybe that’s the sound he was going for but joaloka Juvy he gets his inspiration from bana ba likonyana,I was there just waiting to hear: ‘m’e oa tsamaea, katse ea tsamaea, pere ea tsamaea…

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