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Maseru, Jan 14 (The Night’s Watch) – Opposition parties gathered at the former ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LDC) head office on Monday and joined the chorus of calls for Prime Minister Thomas Thabane to step down.

Trouble for Thabane started brewing last year when he refused to work with the party’s new deputy leader Professor Nqosa Mahao who was elected at the party’s elective conference in February, apparently against Thabane’s wishes.

This climaxed on January 5 this year, when the Commissioner of Police Holomo Molibeli implicated Thabane in the murder of his estranged wife Lipolelo Thabane.

Lipolelo was shot dead by unknown assailants as she was about to drive into her Ha ‘Masana home on 14 June 2017. The incident occurred just two days before Thomas Thabane’s inauguration as prime minister.

Molibeli revealed that Thabane’s phone was used to communicate with another phone at the crime scene.

The pressure for Thabane to resign is not only coming from opposition parties but from his party All Basotho Convention (ABC) as well.

“Observing that the prime minister Thabane has been requested to clarify the use of his phone during the murder of the former first lady and that the prime minister’s wife ‘Maesaiah Thabane is now under spotlight and has been issued a warrant of arrest, and noting with concern that the prime minister while being investigated, attempts to dismiss the Commissioner of Police, by so doing interfering and obstructing justice, which is the abuse of his powers, we therefore demand the prime minister and the entire government of 4×4 step down with immediate effect,” leader of opposition in parliament Mathibeli Mokhothu said yesterday.

Mokhothu is the leader of the main opposition Democratic Congress (DC).

He said parliament, currently in annual summer recess, should be recalled “to pave way for the country’s crisis with immediate effect”.

Mokhothu further indicated that there was a political crisis in Lesotho “which needs to be addressed with immediate effect as a result of the unfortunate and regrettable incidents that are clear display of government’s inabilities to take charge of the affairs of the country”.

He added: “The other suspects, in particular those who participated in the killing of the former first lady Mrs Lipolelo Thabane have not been summoned, arrested or charged, and there is no explanation whatsoever.”

On Monday, a few hours before the opposition parties held their press conference, Minister of Small Business development, Cooperatives and Marketing Chalane Phori said Thabane will not resign but will put up a fight. NW

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