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Thupa Mediherb, an unknown company in Lesotho, has announced that it is the first company to set up business as a supplier for cannabis growers and cultivators in this country.

In a statement last Friday, the company said it has offices in Lesotho and the United States of America and offers a variety of services to license holders in Lesotho, along with international companies who are interested in partnering with license holders in this country.

However, The Night’s Watch investigations have revealed that Thupa Mediherb is little more than a letterbox company with no presence in Lesotho. The Night’s Watch confirmed from Lesotho’s companies register that there is no company registered with such names.

Lesotho is reportedly the first African country to legalize the commercial cultivation of medicinal cannabis, and is unquestionably destined to become a global hub for cannabis production.

The country produces high-quality marijuana crops.

According to Thupa Mediherb’s Business Development Director Rets Griffith, many Canadian companies are focusing their sights on Lesotho.

Canopy Growth Corp., Halo Labs, Supreme Cannabis Co. and White Sheep Corp. have all invested heavily in Lesotho so far.

“When it comes to marijuana growing, Lesotho has it all,” Griffith explained in the statement.

He added that: “With the high altitude, low humidity and fertile soils, crops are thriving. Added to that is the fact that labor is extremely cheap, so it’s not surprising to see that it’s become a battleground for leading Canadian companies.”

According to the statement, Prohibition Partners, the leading source of independent data, intelligence and strategy for the cannabis industry, recently reported that the African cannabis market could reach $7.1 billion by 2023, with Lesotho on course to become a ‘leading light’ within the continent.

“Thupa Mediherb is open for business,” said Griffith.

“We provide all supplies for your cultivation at very affordable prices. Our store gives you the convenience of placing orders online and picking them up in our store, or we can deliver,” he concluded. NW

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