The Night’s Watch



The Night’s Watch is an independent, non-profit newsroom based in Maseru. It is run as an independent private association.

The Night’s Watch was created to promote accountability and freedoms, highlight injustice, and stop the powerful from abusing power.

It was established in the context of support for pluralist democracy and fundamental human rights. It is independent of all ideological, political, governmental and religious bodies.

It is a shelter for homeless of journalism, who demand more freedom than they get in the staider newsroom. It diligently serves the public’s right to expression, in line with section 14 of Lesotho’s Constitution.

The Night’s Watch was influenced by American news and opinion website the Huffington Post, South Africa’s BusinessLive and the Daily Maverick, among others.

Its strongest competitive advantage is its influential opinion section with an extensive network of op-ed contributors, and a focus on quality original content.

We believe that Lesotho’s young people are intelligent, insightful and informed, and should be given a platform to say their opinions.

We also believe that time has passed for the media to merely speak to the audience, the media now needs to and should speak and engage with the audience.

The Night’s Watch is a forum for debate about the country and its politics.

We aspire to grow from a niche publication into the country’s foremost independent voice, tackling some of Lesotho’s thorniest issues.

However, our goal regarding opinions and comments is clear. We do not censor opposing views and opinions but rather nudge behaviour in the direction of civil dialogue.

This is what we expect of our journalists, reporters and columnists, and what we expect of our readers too.

We know the power words can yield.

After all, words from All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Thomas Thabane in January 2019, at Ha Abia where he called Professor Nqosa Mahao Sekatana, changed the course of ABC’s and the nation’s history.

Before we publish, we consider what we are saying.

Words can offer insight, they can inspire thought and action, they can excite and innovate but they can also tear down and break apart, they can terrorise and devastate.

Apart from expert analysis and commentary to help readers make sense of biggest stories, The Night’s Watch is also Lesotho’s premier news source, providing breaking news.

It also focuses on political analysis, investigative reporting, local arts, music and popular culture.

This means it is part News 24, a bit Mail & Guardian, with a helping of Daily Maverick, but it is all home grown, serving up local news with fresh angels and international news with insight into why it matters to Lesotho.

The aims and objectives of The Night’s Watch are:

  • To provide a digital a forum for debate about the country and its politics.
  • To protect and strengthen the rights and freedoms of journalists;
  • To respect and defend freedom of information, media freedom and the independence of journalism particularly through research and monitoring of violations and taking action to defend journalists and their work;
  • To uphold and improve professionalism and to promote high standards of journalism and journalistic education;
  • To promote and maintain editorial democracy;
  • To promote the social role of journalists and the profession of journalism, particularly its contribution to democracy and freedom;
  • To promote mainstreaming equality in journalism and to encourage members to pursue this    objective.
  • To fight against hate speech
  • To fight for the protection of sources and against all kinds of data retention by governments and corporations
  • To fight for authors’ rights and international reimbursement systems;
  • To establish and maintain close relations with relevant international, government and non-government organisations in pursuit of these objects.