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Maseru, Dec 5 (The Night’s Watch) – The deeply divided All Basotho Convention (ABC) Youth League today broke its long, self-imposed exile from internal party issues and accused Professor Nqosa Mahao of persistently undermining the leadership of ABC.

In a statement on Thursday, the Young Turks’ spokesperson Mphonyane Lebesa said Mahao was leading a sustained campaign to tarnish ABC leader Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s image, drive a wedge between the party members and ultimately stage a coup against Thabane.

Lebesa said Mahao’s utterances on different media platforms always bear the hallmarks of a person who has obsessive desire for power and wants to be the leader of ABC by hook or crock.

According to Lebesa, Mahao is so thirsty for the party’s top position he would crawl through the desert towards a mirage, and when he discovers there is no water, he would drink the sand.

“We want to inform him that leadership for any political party across the world is not given to anyone on a silver platter. Leadership has to be earned not demanded,” the statement read.

The ABC youth league has over the years, successfully established itself as the henchmen of Thabane unleashed on individual cadres of the party and for creating imaginary enemies.

It has shown that it is willing to defend Thabane and maintain the status quo, probably thinking that protecting the party’s leader is their central obligation.

This has become its trademark. Lebesa even mimics Thabane and probably thinks he is some Thabane-lite.

Mahao was elected ABC deputy leader at the elective conference on February 1 – 2, but Thabane obstinately refused to allow him to assume office.

Former spokesperson and chairperson Tefo Mapesela and Motlohi Maliehe respectively, have been on record declaring Mahao will be allowed to be deputy leader because he did not qualify for election.

Mapesela and Maliehe said Mahao was imposed on them by the appeal court.

The party is now broadly divided into two formal, separate and contesting parties; the ABC of Thabane and the ABC of Mahao.

These groups are barely held together by the colours and emblem.

The stalemate has plunged the local political milieu into a tailspin, and as Thabane has admitted himself, poses a clear and present threat to his coalition government, barely two years after it assumed office. NW

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