Feb 13 (IOL) – Gauteng police have made a breakthrough in the case of 9 illegal Basotho miners who were stoned to death in Matholeville, near Roodepoort, two weeks ago. 

The illegal miners, known as Zama Zamas, were stoned to death, allegedly by fellow Lesotho nationals a day after police officers conducted a police operation in the area. 

The deceased Zama Zamas, were accused by their peers, of being involved in crime, which invited the police into the area, affecting their illegal mining operations. 

Police believe the suspects took the law into their own hands. 

Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubela, said the 10 suspects were arrested during a shootout with police in the Matholeville area. 

“The team assembled by the provincial commissioner to investigate these murder incidents was following the information about the location of the suspects. Upon arrival in the area, the Zama Zamas started shooting at the police and police returned fire. 

“Two suspects were shot and eight others were arrested,” said Makhubela. 

He said police recovered two firearms at the scene and they would be sending the firearms for ballistic testing to possibly link them, to other crimes.

“Police will also profile all the suspects to determine whether they are linked with other cases.

The provincial commissioner has applauded the police for making the arrests. NW

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  1. Why can’t our Government assist our Basotho to get legal licenses for mining because they already have the experience & the play a very important rule in African Economy , because they also invest in southern African Businesses .

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